Chairman's Message

Bin Sidra, a pioneer in Gas systems solution to domestic, commercial and industrial customers was established in 1988. Bin Sidra became the most developed organization with over 25 years of experience in the field of LPG/SNG/NG, offering various services to customers related to Gas system installation, Operation & Maintenance, and Gas Distribution. Bin Sidra hasa well established Integrated Management System which includes international Quality, Health& Safety, and Environmental systems.


To be a good example for peer Organisation.


To best others by providing high-quality materials at the reasonable prices and by the easiest ways to pay back the amounts due.

Basic Values

Innovation: To adopt a continual search methodology for improvement of our processes, to focus on finding solutions for technical problems and keep and postive attitude towards change.
Committment: To be always committed towards distinguished performance with regards to implementation and observing the required technical criteria during implementation and after completion.

Khalid Khamis