QHSE Policy

Bin Sidra, a pioneer in Gas systems solution to domestic, commercial and industrial customers was established in 1988. Bin Sidra became the most developed organization with over 25 years of experience in the field of LPG/SNG/NG, offering various services to customers related to Gas system installation, Operation & Maintenance, and Gas Distribution. Bin Sidra has a well established Integrated Management System which includes international Quality, Health& Safety, and Environmental systems.

Bin Sidra ensures customer satisfaction by providing quality assured services, timely delivery of products and services and meets customer expectations at all levels of function.
Health, Safety & Environment:
Bin Sidra ensures no damage to the environment by the prevention of pollution and depletion of natural resources arising from its products &services and prevents personnel from injury and ill health.
Bin Sidra ensures world class reputation for integrity by complying with all applicable legal and other requirements related to products & services and health, safety & environment.


Bin Sidra ensures effective communication by providing awareness and displaying the QHSE policy on various locations of the company and its branches including the company website for the public, stakeholders and other interested parties.
Bin Sidra ensures safe working environment to all employees by initiating personnel to participate in matters related to health, safety & environment and achieving better business results by supporting team work. Bin Sidra has identified potential training requirements and provided various trainings to all employees to contribute to the success of the company and to promote employee. Bin Sidra ensures continual improvement by actively monitoring the effectiveness and performance of the set objectives & targets pertaining to quality, health, safety & environment. QHSE policy shall be reviewed every year for its continuing suitability during management review meetings.
Revised on 5thJan. 2016
General Manager